TIMELINE ATHLETE exists to fully support athletes through the 4 phases of their career cycle - Training, Travel, Performance & Recovery. Our motto is TIME IS NOW, a phrase that is built on the ethos of starting to strive for greatness now, by hard work and dedication, something we live by everyday.
We utilise specifically tailored fabrics and the latest technology to produce the most ideal sportswear that supports athlete through their career. Each product is produced and designed with the athlete in mind, constantly innovating and challenging ourselves to produce the best complete sportswear in the world.


TIMELINE ATHLETE was created to bring a fully comprehensive experience for athletes. Not only do we focus on producing elite performing sportswear, we are also as focused on providing the most tailored made products to amplify the effectiveness of each stage of the athletes career.
TRAINING - Each sport has different demands when it comes to training, this is why we provide clothing specifically tailored for the sport to enhance the athletes training.
TRAVEL - This is an underserved aspect of an athletes career. We believe in producing travel clothing that serve to boost an athletes comfortability and relaxation during their travels. Having a relaxed mind during travel helps with focus.
PERFORMANCE - We keep up with all the latest advancements in clothing performance to give the TL athletes the very best.
RECOVERY - Another extremely underserved aspect of an athlete. The recovery for an athlete is very important which is why we take it extremely seriously. Producing clothing specifically targeting areas of the body that endures high stress levels in order to boost recovery in an effective way.


Our mission is to build the most comprehensive sports brand in the market that is solely produced with athletes in mind. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the complete sports brand and work with experts and elite athlete to achieve the status of the most complete sports brand for athletes.