In the realm of sports, where ambition meets action, stands Timeline Athlete, not just a brand, but a legacy crafted by the shared vision of two brothers. These brothers, former athletes with a rich history in elite sports, including over 15 years in The Premier League and professional basketball and the Olympics, founded Timeline Athlete. They did so with a singular mission: to create the Home of the Athlete, a brand that fully supports every phase of an athlete's career.
At Timeline Athlete, our ethos, "TIME IS NOW," is more than a motto. It’s a call to action, embodying the spirit of hard work and dedication that we live by every day. It’s a philosophy born from the founders' experiences, driven by the passion to provide athletes with the best.


Our dedication is reflected in our approach to sportswear. We combine specifically tailored fabrics with the latest technology, ensuring each piece of clothing is perfectly suited to support athletes through their career's four crucial phases - Training, Travel, Performance, and Recovery. This approach stems from the founders’ firsthand understanding of an athlete’s diverse needs.

In TRAINING, we recognise that each sport has distinct demands. Our range is meticulously tailored to enhance training for each specific sport, helping athletes to push their boundaries.

For TRAVEL, an aspect often neglected in an athlete's career, we offer clothing designed for comfort and relaxation, aiding in maintaining focus and composure during transit.

In the arena of PERFORMANCE, we are at the forefront, incorporating the latest in clothing technology to ensure that our athletes always have the edge.

And in RECOVERY, we take a targeted approach, producing clothing that addresses high-stress areas of the body, aiding in effective and efficient recovery, preparing athletes for their next challenge.


Our mission is ambitious yet clear - to craft the most comprehensive sports brand in the market, created with athletes at the forefront of every decision. This mission is a reflection of the brands commitment to athletes.

Collaborating with experts and elite athletes, we strive to perfect every aspect of our sportswear. Timeline Athlete is not just a brand; it's a community, a family that extends to all serious Athletes that have embarked on the mission of becoming better. It's a journey we share with every athlete who chooses to be part of the Timeline story.